About this site

This is a voluntary part-time, small staff effort. The intent is to make links to photos and local news articles available as quickly as possible. We just want to salute each and every one of these heroes in our own way, and say to families and friends that we hurt for you.

There are several much bigger sites, with more functionality, interactive search engines, etc. - and larger staffs. We have provided links to some of those other sites, and continue to add more. We started in late 2006, and built the pages for the earlier periods by downloading data from other sites. Those added after we started have more information; we are gradually filling in more information for the earlier individuals as well, and apologize for any seeming neglect. 

Over time, some of our links will become stale, as newspapers archive the articles or photos, making us have broken links; also better articles become available than those we found initially, and we do not necessarily find them after our initial postings. We do go back periodically and try to add to those for which we initially found little, and we welcome requests/suggestions from anyone to add links to additional articles, individual tribute pages, better photos, etc.

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